Violent Moving Nightmares: REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

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Dear MT, I have found that if I eat tamales, or watch horror movies late before bed time, I do have rough dreams. I take 1.0mg of Melatonin each night and that seems to give me the REM sleep that is needed. RW

I’ve heard works like a reset button. Never used it on myself but my grandma takes it.
She’s healthy in her 70s but suffers from mild sleep apnea.

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Are these recorded and archived somewhere? I’d really like to see this one.
My mate says that although my snoring has stopped, I still thrash about in my sleep.
Apparently the hose holder is keeping my tubing and mask out of harm’s way.

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Here you go, @Emmet

We also put postings on our Facebook “AWAKE Sleep Health” support group. You can request to join there (you answer 3 questions so as to keep the spam and bots out). And your CPAP cabinet is also cross-posted there:

Hi Mother T.

I would like to revive the subject on Nightmares for those of us using CPAP/APAP machines.
Especially those repetitive nightmares which I seem to have all to often, is there anyone out there that has same.
Is there any way of improving on these nightmares?

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My advice would be to not eat any meat before bed as I have trouble sleeping afterwards

thanks Mother T for the advice, its something I am already doing, I eat nothing 2 hours before bedtime, and just drink water if I need it. if I have any tea its de-cafe.