Apneoea and epilepsy


In addition, to my other health problems, I have had (in the past) epileptic attacks mainly visible in EEG during hyperventilation. Because of high number ahi (106 per hour), dr has set a high pressure on cpap machine. When the mask comes off I really feel/hear it. Did anyone find an increase in epileptic attacks because of use of cpap machine?
I know the actual lack of sleep, in my case, is more gift for an epileptic than the machine, though I do have headaches/migraines more often than before starting to use the machine.


Hi Roco, I’ve had a sleeping mask before and it has served me well considering my experience with sleeping masks I can’t really say that I have experiences epileptic attacks, because I don’t suffer from epilepsy, however you could be using the machine with too much oxygen, maybe (And this is just my theory, please do some further research or ask a doctor, because I am not a doctor) you are suffering from headaches and migraine because way to much oxygen enters your body, it is rare but it could happen, you should really be careful with oxygen, if for some reason a small amount of oxygen enters your blood stream it could go up to your brain and you might have a really bad seizure that can take your life, so please follow more sleeping tips and do some research on your own, the most recommendable thing for you to do is to go to a doctor and ask.

Have a nice day!