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It’s bad enough to have apnea, wear a sorry uncomfortable mask, & connected to a concentrator, but, I also have perephial neuropothy, and my “burning” feet keep me awake for long periods. I hate sleeping pills, or any other narcotic, but do take melatonin. Some times it works, sometimes it don’t. I have used some of the advice found here at this web, and homeopathic medecine seems to be the answer (If you can find it). Anyone out there know of a legitimate source?strong text*


Hi RWilson!

I am presently looking into “homeopathic” advice, and “alternative” measures such as acupuncture to actually see if they work. Also, I am doing specific tongue exercises – and am researching into other things. I have an appointment with one of the physicians I have seen in the past, who takes both a conventional and alternative approach to things – and who does acupuncture. There is a physician (an otolaryngologist) I stumbled upon by the name of Stephen Y. Park (I think that is his middle initial). He is located in NY (in the Bronx). I saw a specific acupuncture protocol that he follows (along with protocols that certain accupuncturists, and others, follow) concerning sleep apnea. Unfortunately, I lost his direct link – and tried calling his office for people to help me locate it; I also emailed the doctor. I am waiting for somebody at his office to get back to me, hopefully soon. In the meantime, if I were you, I would go onto the computer and just type the following words into your search engine: acupuncture and sleep apnea; you will see a whole bunch of results appear for it.

Concerning your neuropathy, I also got diagnosed as having one by my family doctor. Even though he never specifically treated me for it, I think I may have inadvertently treated it myself; by that, I mean that I was taking a couple of natural remedies for migraines, including Vitamin B 2 (riboflavin). After that, I researched the use of Vitamin B 2 (and different B vitamins) re: neuropathy – and low and behold, there was a direct link between the two. Now, I am very happy that the neuropathy seemed to subside after this – and I haven’t had any other problems with it reappearing since; but, I am not sure if there are different types of neuropathies (I had what felt like a buzzing sensation in my left foot that would come and go every so many seconds). You stated that you have “burning” feet, which I never had. Perhaps you can give Vitamin B 2 a try; I am sure it probably would not hurt – and it also helps with energy.


You are a life saver! I am now trying vitamin b multiplex,(That way I CAN NOT miss). Please keep in touch because I have found what I assumed to be "fake" home remedies book to read. Hopefully this will help and I may send this to you. RW


I’m not saying you shouldn’t be taking B vitamins, especially if they help. Just be careful about B6 and do not take more than 200 per day as it can cause damage in higher doses. The rest of the B vitamins are safe no matter what the dose.

However, it is important to find out WHY you have peripheral neuropathy. Sleep apnea is a common cause of peripheral neuropathy. Diabestes or pre-diabetes is another cause. However, sleep disordered breathing causes diabetes, so I’d be looking there first.

Here’s a page that is fairly comprehensive for figuring out the cause of your neuropathic pain.


Hi RWilson!

I will definitely let you know about other things as I find them out. In the meantime, do let me know how things work out for you.


Thanks; I am about to go to the web now. I am grateful for any and all information to help find the answer. I do believe that nerve science (neurology) is still in it's infancy. I hope that there will be a CURE, not a masking through pills.


I totally agree, RWilson!


I really appreciate your info concernind p/N. Still, I can not put my finger on the cause. At the Mayo Clinc in Rochester, I was told only that I definitely had nerv dammage, which I could have told THEM.


Great topic to read.