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Treating Sleep Apnea with just Mouth Appliance and Back Exercises


I have had pretty bad sleep apnea for about 5 years. When it got to the point that a Mouth Appliance, would no longer give me a good night’s sleep, I did not want to just progress onto CPAP. So I experimented with different techniques. Eventually I figured out that the key to treating my sleep apnea was a specific type of back exercise (done at night time).

I have been successfully using this treatment for 3 years and have now decided to write the treatment/therapy up on my website:

The treatment works really well for me. My breathing is good all night and through the day, I do not suffer from any tiredness due to sleep apnea. However I have no idea how applicable it would be to other people’s sleep apnea.

Please note that I am not a health professional. This is just something I have figured out with lots of experimentation with my own sleep. Hopefully this can help others.


I am not clear how to do the back exercise can u explain. Better?? Wanna tey


I found this to be incredibly useful information, pulling. Thank you for writing it up in such helpful detail.

~ Nona


BTW, your name was transformed from “pbklink” to “pulling” in my appreciative post above.

My apologies for my device’s bad behavior.