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Shortness of Breath After Using CPAP Overnight


I have been on CPAP therapy for over 15 years and have had shortness of breath after I awaken and take CPAP mask off. I then nebulize which of course takes care of the problem. Is this a common occurrence for most folks on CPAP therapy?

I have mentioned this to several doctors and they have said to keep on with the nebulizer. I am currently using the Res Med Air Sense 10 which is 2 years old and the data reports “good compliance”. Thanks for any input.



Hi @Tallgal68

May I ask, please? Have you ever been tested for a respiratory problem? Is the shortness of breath limited to awakening? Do you feel winded upon physical exertion?

Your CPAP therapy seems to be going well. Congrats!!



Yes, the SOB is mainly limited to “after awakening” on CPAP therapy. I do
have restrictive lung disease but I am on Nebulizer and inhalers as needed
for that. I had lung function tests done 6 weeks ago and the pulmonologist
said I had restrictive lung disease not COPD.

Thank you for asking…



I believe it is and I agree with what the doctors said.


Just my $.02, I have had OSA for 18 year’s, you have enough going on with breathing issue’s. Positive pressure may be working against you, have you looked into a device called Inspire2, it treats OSA in a whole different direction. This gave me my life back.