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Post jaw surgery patient


Hi everyone, I know a lot of you are dealing with cpap for treatment but I wanted to introduce myself as an individual who had maxillo mandibular advancement, fixed deviated septum and removed turbinates, just over two years ago. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions, I’m no expert but am so willing to share my experience :slight_smile:


Hi, I am a new member to the community, and have largely benefited from CPAP therapy for just over a year. I would like to hear if you found the surgery beneficial, and how well it worked out to resolve your issue? i am now working with a sleep specialist, and want to learn about alternatives to the CPAP therapy as I am still exhausted about every other day, ready for a nap by about 3:00pm, similar to how I felt before using the CPAP therapy. Thank you!


Hi! For me it was my jaw structure, they can take xrays to look at yours and see if it would make sense. It has definitely made a huge difference, I went from a 28 to a 7, I can’t remember the measurement scale so in English that’s moderate to severe down to almost nothing. The recovery was long but not too painful, I unfortunately put 20lbs back on after the surgery so I think once that’s back off I’ll have even greater success. I do remember my dr telling me he only recommended the surgery three times in the course of twenty years of practice, but it’s always worth looking into. Keep me posted!


Had that done in 1990. A real life changer


Hi Sarah, do you have any regrets? I am really interested in MMA surgery, I’ve had UPPP surgery, fixed deviated septum and polypectomy 7 years ago and I still have OSA with AHI around 20. Doctors said I have a really narrow throat. How did you become a candidate for it?


Hi Lisa, sorry I’m just seeing this now. I had to use a cpap for about three or four months to show it was not working for me. I had a lot of trouble with swallowing air on the cpap and had no improvement with it so the dr sent me to an oral surgeon who took X-rays and decided surgery was the best option based on a receded jaw line and small airway. Hope that helps, your next step may be seeing an oral surgeon.



Also, no regrets! I had a great surgeon and recovery was really not bad at all.


Thank you Sarah, I just had the LAUP SURGERY on Friday to open my airway
and I already see a difference in my breathing. When I had the UPPP, my
throat healed and made the opening smaller. If this does not help long
term, I will be talking jaw surgery next. Thank you again.


Thanks to everyone for sharing these experiences. So many people do not realize there are other alternatives to addressing sleep breathing disorders besides CPAP.


Where did you get your mandable corrected?


Hi- I live in Massachusetts and was seen by dr. Bart Blaeser, surgery was done at north shore medical center in Salem ma where he is chief oral surgeon, or was at the time.


Hi everyone,
Im Luis Diaz from Miami, Florida and i just had MMA surgery 15 days ago. I was feeling super tired and snoring super loud while sleeping. Decided to go see the doctor because my wife noticed i would stop breathing a lot. I did my sleep study and i had 66 apneas per hour, so my condition was super super bad. My doctor ordered the cpap machine and it helped but after a year using it, i was still feeling tired, red eyes and useless after 3-4PM. My doctor referred me to the surgeon and im here. After 15 days of surgery feeling awesome. No more snoring and my energy is coming back. If you are a candidate for MMA surgery, it is the best optiom for you.



I too had mandible replacment, i had broken my jaw 4 times by age 21, they replaced TMJ set foward and a modified chin replacement for OSA. I still was reliant on CPAP and did not do well with mask’s. Last year i went with the Inspire2 device and now have a AHI of zero.

Having had both I would explore the Inspire2 before committing to mandible surger. Just my 2 cents.