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Please help need emergancy advice


Hello, thank you for this forum. I want to ask for some advice on sleep apnea and which cpap to use. I understand that this info is probably on the forum already, but this is an emergency and I cant risk the time, trying to find it. I believe my mother has had sleep Apnea for most of her life. He has developed many health problems recently. Recently her ability to speak correctly has severely diminished. She can barley form a sentence to communicate people. She got fired from her job yesterday, because of this. We dont have the money for a sleep study. She doesn’t have insurance either. My best conclusion is that I need to get her on a used cpap, off craigslist, immediately. She sleeps on her back every night, and cant stay on her side, when she’s tries. Can anybody give me some quick advice on what kind of cpap I should get and anything else I should know? We dont have much money so I need the best cpap for its function, not for its fancy lcd screens or other unnecessary options. Thanks you. She has been getting worse every day. She is 62


In your case, I’d recomend seeking medical help immediately. She could have possibly had a stroke, or some other condition that needs immediate assistance.

The Hospital shouldn’t turn you away because you can’t pay.

Please see a Doctor NOW!!


Give me your address; If I can find my old c-pap, you pay the postage, I will send it to you. Robert Wilson-- 512 2671337 I live in the area code 78730, (Now you can figure the cost) RW


I’ll pay the postage BUT I think you should seek medical advice immediately. As Kentcaylor rightly suggests, your mother might have had a stroke.

For the postage money, if you go that route, please ask Robert Wilson to email me at Nona2000 (at) aol (dot) com.


A medical check up never hurt anybody. Without knowing your health issues I could not recommend a bipap,(although I do not think the use of one would hurt you.) RW