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Nearly a year and no definitive result


I have been on a Resmed machine for nearly a year. The results are still not good.
At night I wake up due to mask leaks, a feeling of no air or dry mouth.

During the day without CPAP, I fall asleep. Originally 20 minutes was my target. Lately I have been known to sleep 2 hours - even after about 6 hours the night before.

I vary from 5 or 6 apneas to 16 on various nights - all obstructive apneas. Lately I started having “dry mouth” again. I have the humidity level set at 4 and the tube temp at 81 degrees. If I happen to get a good night sleep, the reservoir empties 3/4 or the water.

What other settings can I vary to improve the situation?



Hi @Len
We can discuss the apnea, but need to ask --do you ever get more than 6 hours of sleep? Is it on purpose, or is it all the sleep you are able to have?


It took me and my sleep team 6 months of experimentation to find the right combination of mask and air pressure settings to find the sweet spot for me. I ended up having to use a full face mask and a constant pressure of 15 mm Hg.

After we found the correct combination, my AHI and sleep quality improved significantly.


So glad for the persistence of you and your sleep team! Success!


You did not mention whether you use a full facial mask or not. You might try putting a coat of aloevera arround the leaking areas, (Works for me, I had the same problem). Here we are in the 21st century yet have NO FORM FIT MASKS.Write your mask maker, gripe, have a mask burning demonstration in front of the DC capitol, and I will join you.