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Mask type setting on Aisense 10


Hi, one last question for a while. I have an airsense 10 and with my new mask Mirage FX, it says in the Mask setting options : FOr s9: select nasal, for other devices select standard, otherwise select Vista as the mask option…

Now I dont have an s9…but my mask options are nasal, nostril and full face. The nurse did not say anything about changing the settings from full face to nasal when I got the new mask…so I am wondering, I changed them to nasal…it seems to make sense…but does it make any difference?? I cant find decent info online except that the airsense 10 seems the next machine after the s9?? So any ideas please…do I change it or should I leave it as the nurse did not say anything…


Hi @bales
If you’re using a nasal mask, you should be using settings that go with nasal masks. There is a difference in delivery of air pressure within actual mask styles (pillows, nasal, oronasal) and choosing a setting that does not match the mask your using could be problematic. They would not provide those options were it not so. The nurse probably overlooked this but your instinct to match mask type to setting option is correct.