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Legal Aspects of Sleep Apnea


Hi everyone.

I was in a sleep study last night. For the third time. But as my body weaken to this disease, I knew I had to go again and get treatment. You can fight when your younger but not when you get older.

Anyway, I will get a machine next week and should be fine.

Here is my problem. On the week of 4/30/18 I came forward to my boss at my new job and told him I had sleep apnea and need to be treated. The symptoms had worsened and I needed help. I told him that as soon as our health insurance kicked in (we had none), I was going to be treated. I gave him the dates for my urine and bloodwork, (4/7), and then physical (4/20), then said I will give you the date of the test, because I have to be referred by a primary. (The sleep test was yesterday) I failed badly. Which I knew was coming.

However, I was fired from that job on 3/9/18, and basically told that my falling asleep was embarrassing to my boss and a lot of questions were being asked about me. No one from from the company defended me apparently, when though I had come forward, and my boss told HR what was going on with me.

I have since retained an attorney and suing the company for violation of American with Disabilities Act. There have been events that have occurred since, that tells a logical person that they knew what happened internally, and are probably aware of mistakes by my boss and HR.

I want to make an example of this company. Corporations can not get away with treating people like trash. How do I make this companies life miserable? My wife is having to work overtime and I have not yet found a job. We will probably go under. This company needs to understand what they did, and how breaking laws affects peoples lives.