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I have an apt tomorrow with respirtory therapist in order to be fitted for a nose one rather than the face mask


Let us know how that works out.


I was wandering does anyone have more information on the procedure some have mentioned in order to help with sleep apnea


@My4angels - Which type that was mentioned, My4?



The mask they gave leaked worse than the first one. As far as attitude toward aparatus, tell myself this could be offsetting later complications



That is a great way to look at it, @My4angels

Sometimes it takes trying a few masks until you find the one right for your individual needs and face shape.

Faces are like snowflakes…Each one individual and unique.

There are also inexpensive products to ease mask discomforts, leaks and other issues that help.

Would someone like to make some suggestions for My4angels?


I reached out to my resp therapist
And let her know the mask she gave me did not work. I am back to original mmask. Due to my narrow nose bridge, air seeps and blows in my eyes. I eake up every two to three hours. Still take it off after four hours.

I was wandering. Would your pillow have anything to do with leakage and uncomfortable fit. Thinking about maybe investing my pillow. Any input about pillows?



You raise a very good question, @My4angels. If the pillow inhibits allowing for the mask, it can push it away from the face. Even very slightly so, a leak can be present. Sometimes we have to become creative in our pillow and bedding choices.


Still having probs with leaky mask v little sleep. Going to cal rt today.

Hope you all had a blessed easter


Thanks, @My4angels! Keep us posted.


Hi everyone.

My name is Rebecca, almost 59 years young and very active. I work full time, 8-12 hours daily, on call 24/7/365, responsible for the welfare of my parents and grandmother and work another 6-8 hours daily building my own business at home. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea January 2017, titration May 2017 and received my Cpap machine 30 days ago - apparently the paperwork was lost and not followed up on until Feb 2018 when I was given a Dreamstation Auto Cpap and use the Dreamweaver nasal pillows.

Why am I here:
I am determined to learn as much as I can about this “condition” so I can manage it properly and hopefully some day overcome it. I do belong to another group and the information is vast, but I want to know more.

My routine - hmmmm, never been asked that one. I go to bed normally 10pm, with baseball back, it’s when the game is over. I am up between 3:30 and 4 every morning to leave for work by 5. (Sunday mornings I sleep until 5:30). I do wake up frequently, sometimes on my own and sometimes due to phone calls - either work or emergencies dealing with the people I care for.

Finish this sentence: “Sleep is great…" [/quote]
“Sleep is a necessary space of time to refuel the mind and body to go full speed the next day”.

Prior to using Cpap - I did not have a problem with daytime sleepiness, fatigue, etc. The only symptom I truly had was continued and steady chest pain. I am happy to say that with Cpap (even the short few hours I use it), the chest pain is gone. Unfortunately so is the energy - I now find it hard to get through a day without wanting a nap, focus is difficult which is scary for me, I need that back and now it’s just a general overall feeling of not feeling good.

I finally meet my sleep doctor in a couple days and hope to receive a copy of the sleep study and whatever information he can provide. I don’t hold a lot of faith in that though since after over a year I just learned his name, his office lost my files, etc.


Hi @Rebamom
Can you please describe your CPAP experience? Are there any comfort issues, or do you notice any leaking of air?


Hi Mother T,

Officially 31 days now - the nasal pillows have not been a problem - 100% fit all days. Not really sure how to describe it - I know I was extremely apprehensive and stressed getting started, but even on the first night I managed to sleep a little. Unfortunately it is only sleep, not rest - I feel like I have to lay perfectly still to keep the mask from moving. Of course I do wake up to check that all is okay throughout the night. After the first night, the next day is when I realized I had no chest pain, a first in a few weeks - to the point I was about to go to the hospital - but it was gone.

Prior to Cpap - when I laid down I could drop off to sleep in less than 2 minutes - with Cpap - it seems it takes forever (minimum 20 minutes). I feel this should not be happening as I actually dread going to bed anymore, so I delay as long as I possibly can. The truth is I could fall asleep in 2 minutes in my recliner, but as soon as I put the mask on, I am wide awake again.

About 10 days in I tried meditation to help relax while I slept - unfortunately I was wakened to the sound of the machine hitting the floor when I rolled over - that ended that - back to laying stiff as a board.

Cpap has helped with the sinus congestion and the heart pains, but I am more tired than before. I do use the ramp (starts at 5.5) and my pressure is set at 11. I wake up frequently, sometimes for no reason, sometimes due to outside influences which I can not control at this point in life. When I do, I have to start at ramp again because I can not handle the 11 pressure while I’m awake. Once asleep, I don’t feel anything.

The last couple nights I started giving into the urge to remove the mask on my 2:15 wakening and sleeping the rest of the morning without. This seems to be helping - at least I feel more energy that I did using it all night. So right now it is approximately 5 hours on Cpap and 1 hour without to relax.


I ahve been going to bed later and sleeping in, better quality sleep


Hi my name is Autumn and I am 40. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea 6 months ago. I use a cpap machine with a full face mask every night since September 1st. I also have rls and plm.

I am absolutely miserable. I wake up every morning feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus. No refreshed sleep even though I sleep for 8 hours a night. I am so tired and spacey and foggy and forgetful and short tempered. Please help. My neurologist just keeps increasing my ropinirole.

I don’t want to live like this forever.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Autumnj - Sorry you are feeling unwell. First, may I ask what type of machine you have and if you have a wireless modem on it?


@Rebamom - What length is the hose on your CPAP?


Not sure what type of machine it is


@Autumnj - The corrugated tubing that connects to your mask-- how feet long is the tube?


@MotherT - It is 6 feet