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I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in September, 2016. I used the Cpap machine unsuccessfully for about 6 months. At my request my Dr. referred me to a dentist that supposedly knew what he was doing.I only wish that I had known then what I know now. Because I trusted my Dr. bI assumed this dentist knew what he was doing. I only wish that I had done some research. I ended up paying a lot of money for a device that was horrible. Because of this Dentist’s lack of knowledge I went for weeks without treatment for my apnea. I finally found a dentist that is certified in sleep apnea appliances. I have a new device and hopefully I will have great success with it. There are a lot of different devices available.
Do your research. This website is great!



@Kittycat - Thank you for sharing your experience. Very happy for you- congrats on successful treatment!!


I’m Paul from Oklahoma City I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea a year ago last December. I was unable to get a mask at that time due to my insurance not being very good. I am going to try again to get a mask. I work at night and sleep all day and all evening up until it’s time to go to work. I go to work and fight myself to stay awake. I’m sick of it!


My name’s Emmet; 58, disabled, recently diagnosed with severe OSA, with a history of FND, MDD, & PTSD.

"What brings you to our community?"
Just diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea (63 events per hour), and want to learn about CPAP

"Tell us about your current sleep routine?“
I thrash about a lot, sometimes hard enough to wake myself up. Elbowed my mate hard in the head the other night; not the first time, which just mortifies me beyond words. I woke up the other morning with a 1” cut and big contusion in the middle of my forehead; no idea how it got there. A week or so ago, leapt out of bed and awoke standing in the living room, screaming. One of my most common recurrent nightmares is Cheyne-Stokes or agonal breathing, respiratory arrest, and death; perhaps they’re not really dreams. I also get painful dystonic contractions in my legs & feet, annoying vasiculations my mate can see and feel, and I snore like a freight train; sometimes loud enough to wake myself up.

Finish this sentence: “Sleep is _____________.”
Exhausting. Often painful. Sometimes frightening.


@Emmet Welcome, and thank you for sharing.


I’m interested in this community because I know how important it is to treat sleep apnea. I tried treating my severe sleep apnea for two years by using a bipap machine and full face mask ( as I’m a mouth breather). It didn’t work for me. It did a poor job of correcting my apneas and I detested using a mask when I went to bed.
My sleep medicine doctor suggested a fairly new surgery called Inspire. A small upper airway stimulator is implanted above your right breast and it causes your tongue to move so that air can get through. I had this surgery on Nov 27 2017 and it is one of the best things I have done for myself. Instead of 60 apneas an hour I now have 6. I wake up feeling rested and full of energy.
Whatever you do, take care of having your sleep apnea treated. You’ll feel so much better and most likely live longer.


Hi. My name is emma. 57. Have been using machine almost 3 mos. I am desperate for support. Feeling very alone. I am not sleeping well. Dreading going to bed having this “contraption” blowing aor and being strapped to my face. I also experience nightmares. End up taking off my mask after four hours then not sleeping bc i cant breathe. I am becomi g depressed and frustrated. I reached out trespirtory therapy today. Surprise suprise i got ans machine
Sorry to be such a moaner. I just want a good nights sleep :slight_smile:


Hi Emma @My4angels, Sorry to hear you are having a problem. Can you tell me the type of machine you have (CPAP, BiLevel, or APAP?).

Also, before wearing your machine, did you remember dreaming at all?



Yes i did dream a lot. Not pleasant dreams either


Hi Emma, I’m also wondering what type of machine and mask you have. What is your pressure? Is it cpap or bi-level. Nasal mask, full face, or something else?


I am not by machine atm. Resmed i believe is the company. Not sure of pressure. I tt resp therapist yesterday, she sai wear it during the day to get used to it. I will luk for sure what kind of machine tonight


My macine is air sense 10 by rest med


Hi all, my name is Scott. I Have had OSA for about 17 years now. I cannot tolerate any type of mask, and believe me I’ve tried countless times out of desperation. I have had Three surgeries: UP3, Septoplasty, and a Midline Glossectomy . Neither of the surgeries worked. Not one iota of improvement. My AHI is 42 and life has just been absolutely miserable: I don’t even know who I am anymore, what my real, natural personality and abilities are. I was finally diagnosed with an enlarged Lingual Tonsil at Jefferson Medical center, in Philadelphia, PA last summer. I am now seeing a ENT doctor at Penn Medicine, also in Philly, by the name of Erica Thaler. I’m hoping she is able to perform one last surgery to see if we can eliminate my apnea.

I’m frustrated with the entire process of frequent sleep tests evrey six months or when you see a new doctor, and feel as though the entire sleep medicine system of care is inefficient and much to costly relative to the value of the services provided. Anyway, I don’t want to go on a rant, but has anybody else had a similar, frustrating experience finding qualified and competent ENT doctors?


Hi, I have struggled with feeling immensely foggy and tired during the day for years. Sleep is fine, so it feels. I never consciously wake up, fall asleep super easily, can sleep anywhere, etc.

But I cannot concentrate or remember things during the day. I feel so foggy I just feel like I am drifting through the day with my brain feeling like week old spaghetti.

Through the night my wife tells me I punch, kick her in my sleep. She has woken me up before to stop me, and she says I seem awake and have even told her I was awake, but I don’t ever remember these moments. I am certainly not conscious.

My nose is shifted strongly to the right, so I can’t really breath through my mouth. My tongue is large and I have a large overbite, all of which make it hard to breath at night (so I’ve been told by doctors).

I just heard back from results of a sleep study and they said everything is normal. So frustrating! What do I do now? I have no idea how to determine what the problem is or how to solve it. Please help!


Hello all…

I have used a REMstar Auto A-Flex c-pap (now on my 2nd replacement) with a ResMed Mirage Swift II mask for about 10 years now.

What brings you to our community?
I would like to check the latest tech and knowledge in the Sleep Apnea world… I also have some questions about my usage and other things for folks in this forum.

Tell us about your current sleep
I generally get great sleep feeling well rested and energetic throughout the day.

2230 to bed with a 0600 wake-up on work mornings and sleep in until 0900 on off days.

Finish this sentence: “Sleep is great…" [/quote]

I live right on the northern California coast and regularly drive Highway 1. This road is missing guard rails in some of the most precarious places, basically at points with 100+ foot cliffs straight down to the ocean below. And before I got my c-pap (which I initially resisted) I would find myself dozing off due to the lack of sleep while commuting home on this hilly crooked road. Since I have been on the c-pap therapy I’ve not dozed off once and feel safe on my commute after work. Additionally, I remain alert and active at work through out the day due to the nightly sleep I get now…



@mend0dad Very happy to hear you feel alert while driving now. I’ve driven that stretch of highway, and it’s a white-knuckle event when wide awake!


@jharper3 Considering the somewhat unusual movements you describe, have you ever considered recording a video of yourself sleeping? I would wonder if your night in the lab was not representative of your typical night – considering you having been in a strange environment for the sleep study.


Hey Scott, sorry to hear you’re having such a struggle. Must be extremely frustrating. Hope this upcoming procedure helps. Let us know how it goes.


That is a good idea! I will try that. Are there any remedies for this sort of behavior that don’t require going through sleep doctors? Melatonin, meditation, etc. that you would recomend? Or things I can try to rule out other disorders?


It also could be REM Behavior Disorder This is something you’d want to talk with your Dr. about.