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Yes, you can tell by your AHI numbers that should be visible in your machine’s LED window. Your manual should explain this. A good reading is under 5.0.

If your numbers are higher or if you are not feeling better, you could follow up with your doctor. They may ask you to bring your machine and/or your SD card in with you so they can look at the SD card, and if necessary make corrections.



My name is Andrew and I was first diagnosed with severe central and obstructive sleep apneas in 2006.
I’m not convinced that I have obstructive apneas as I’ve had doctors tell me that I did and I didn’t while
looking at the same study.

I’ve seen 5 different sleep specialists in four different medical practices in two different states and been on a half dozen different C-PAP, Bi-PAP, etc. devices.
Tried every mask under the sun including but not limited to nasal pillows. Have not tried the full-face.
Tried heated hoses and humidifiers. Web apps and mobile apps that tell me next to nothing about
how I actually slept.

This past June I thought I would try to revisit treatment since it’s never worked before and I thought in
a period of years that treatment would have improved.

I was put on Bi-PAP again after yet another sleep study in June of this year. Almost immediately I was
having the same problems as before, mask falling off, welts from the straps, sores on my nose, waking up
with headaches and an INCREASE in central apneas as reported by the machine.

As a result the doctor sent me for yet another study in October. It took a month to get the results and now I can’t get the office to return my calls.

Thinking about giving up treatment for another 10 years to see if anything improves.

Quite discouraged.


Hello! My name is Marsha Johnson

What brings you to our community?

20 or so years ago, I was first diagnosed with sleep apnea. I was given a cpap machine. I used it about a week, and could not get used to it. I decided to have tonsil surgery instead. They also took out other obstructive things, and I had great sleep. Now, many years later, I was re-diagnosed. This time there was no surgery to fix it, and a cpap was the only offered solution. But also…this time, I had many options for masks. I am using a nasal pillow and its GREAT! On the very first night I used it, I woke up more awake and feeling so much better! Now I run to bed to use it knowing I will feel so good in the morning.

Finish this sentence: “Sleep is precious!!!.”


@MarshaYvonne I am a retired sleep technician. Your story is music to my ears…well, my eyes :slight_smile: Thank you so much for sharing your success! Also, please communicate with other people on this forum when they need peer-to-peer support! You give HOPE! :slight_smile: Thanks again!


Hello i am new for this site i think i have central sleeping apena but i can’t be sure since we don’t have sleeping study here in my country by the way i live in Africa ethiopia,i wake up every two hours for pee and i wake up very tired i don’t know what to do i feel so worry!!!


Hi, My name is Eve. I have bee trying to get use to the cpap for 6 months and I am still having trouble with air leaks. My RT has tried every thing she knows. My nose and forehead are red and sore. If I loosen it up, I have air leeks. I use it every night. She has said I have tried every mask she has. available to her. But why do I continue to have air leaks? I have anywhere from 9 to 20+ apnea per night. I am a mouth breather so I have to have a full face mask. What is next if anything? Any suggestions would be helpful. She has sent a message to my Dr.


Have you tried a chin strap. Some mask come with one or you can have a separate one, I have to use one. Make sure your nose is clear of debris. Adjust the mask so it is just snug, not tight. I now use pillows which are easy to seal comfortable wear. I hope this helps.


I will see about the chin strap and the pillows I am so tired all the time.This morning it started with the air leaks,early. I finally gave up and got up at 5am. Thanks for the advice don.arata. Eve


I think that I have undiagnosed apnea. I wish I had it diagnosed when I had health insurance. I’ll have a good job with insurance again soon. Well, but soon, but I’m trying to use the law of attraction (visualizing that it will happen vs I hope it does!) I am trying to figure out if I have apnea and not ADHD. I remember being 8 and reading encyclopedia volumes from front to back, whereas now (I am 36) my attention is not good, and is far worse after a night of inadequate sleep.


@Nintendo1889 Hi, Has anyone ever told you you snore or make “snorting” or “gasping” noises when you are asleep?


The Android app “sleep as droid” has recorded my snoring and sleep states. Also my girlfriend says that I snore. But I can’t say that they are gasping or snorting noises. I’ll make some recordings and upload them for you to listen to.

I did Michael White’s breathing exercises yesterday, and I noticed that I woke up in the middle of the night with my mouth closed and with no drool on my face or pillow!


I will listen to the recordings with interest. The sounds of obstructive sleep apnea are typically as I described. Other sleep & breathing disorders can be present with little or no sound.


Do you have a sleep disorder? Share your story, what treatments have worked or not, ask tough questions and get real answers from people living with the same illness.


@gregoryjames I will let other members here reply to some of the other questions you asked. I will address the auto CPAP option. Have no fear of it being the incorrect machine for you. It adjusts automatically to your needs. A low and high threshold is dialed in by your machine provider. You would only receive a proper amount of pressure for the apneas it will detect.




What brings you to our community?
I am a registered sleep technologist (RPSGT) and certified clinical sleep health educator (CCSH) and independent healthcare journalist focusing on sleep disorders and hygiene, chronic illness, and multiple sclerosis

Tell us about your current sleep routine?
Usually go to bed between 1030p and 11p every night, sleep until I wake up (no alarm, usually). I have MS so I sometimes need naps during the day to offset fatigue.

Finish this sentence: “Sleep is _____________.”


Rachel, I know you from Twitter! (I am SleepyHeadCENTRAL). :slight_smile:


I’m Bernie, age 77 and a retired teacher. I’ve been using cpap devices or about 5 years now, full masks mostly, one nasal pillow(Which couldn’t process enough air). I have been trying a Phillips DreamWear for a couple of weeks. A 7 hr. sleep is something I dream ab\out (Outrageous pun, I know.) , the norm is about 5. I live with my wife in CT and am too lazy to move to FL.
I come to the community seeking information about the severe leaking and dry mouth I have been experiencing with my DreamWear nasal mask.
I usually bunk down around 10pm and wake around 3-4 am for a brief check on the plumbing. Then it’s back to bed for anything from a squirming session to another hour of sleep sans mask occasionally, but sometimes with a mask, depending how stuffy my nose is.
Sleep is something I wish I could do better.


Hi @Divemister Bernie, I have more to ask you, but first may I ask if you are using a nasal spray or just saline spray?
BTW, I love CT!! Lived there in the 80s :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your reply about the nasal spray.


ASAA Community Leader


Yes I use Nasonex occasionally; use it for a few days and I’m then good for a couple of weeks.


Hi Bernie. Sorry to hear about your struggles with the DreamWear mask. Do you know if you might be breathing through your mouth? If you’ve used full face masks prior, then it’s not a problem. But with a mask that doesn’t cover your mouth, you might be breathing through your mouth, which could lead to both the dry mouth and the high leak (which might be caused by “oral leak”). Just one theory, good luck!