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Nozzzzs the whole sleep apnea thing is baffling. I suffer from Central Sleep Apnea, which has no known cause, and my bipap machine essentially keeps me breathing freely all day long, even when I am not wearing it. My sleep has gone from repeatedly waking up for 60-90 minutes every night, to sleeptimes of 7 hours, sometimes longer. I still occasionally wake up, but usually am able to get right back to sleep. It has given me a better quality of life, and solved the afib problems I had been having.


Hi Brian, the pressure on my Bipap is 12/8 and I still get drymouth and mask leaks all the time. The DreamMapper app for the DreamStation machine tells you on a nightly basis how many Central Apneas, how many Obstructive apneas, the amount of time the machine was used (how long you slept), and “mask fit,” the percentage effectiveness of your mask. It also tells your AHI, which is a measurement of the effectiveness of your therapy that night. I find this tremendously useful.


I am new to CPAP and alarmed by the billing sent to my insurance. Jan 1 I start a new deductible so I’m looking to buy a machine out right.
I’m trying to decide if one with humidifier is worth it. I currently use a nasal mask and a dreamstation machine with humidifier. The machine has started shutting off on its own and I’ve only had it since Nov 30… wore my mask 7 hours last night and had 18 disconnects and only 4h17min recorded use… also getting stuffy with or without humidifier. Also since this started Wed night my AHI have been higher and there’s just a difference in how I feel.
That’s a lot for an intro. Sorry but I run a home daycare so time to type stuff is precious and rare. Therefore I try to get everything in one message. Lol.


Hi, Rus here. I’ve had SA and a cpap for the past 5 years. I have a tough time staying asleep throughout the night. OTCs make me groggy. I’m trying to relax my mind and body whenever I do wake up in the middle of the night. At times I get out of bed to read and to drink a hot sleepy time tea or warm milk and honey with a few drops of valerian extract. This doesn’t always work. I am looking forward to being involved with this group for insights and suggestions. I am also very interested getting some recommendations about travel cpap machines. Thanks!


Thanks for creating this thread.

I am a doc from Texas.
I love coffee.
I happy when my patients feel healthy.


I stopped using the cpa p after 6 months because there was no improvement in the way I felt. I have felt better in the last 6 months but the RLS symptoms have gotten worse.
I also have insomnia now. So trying Lyrica today.


My name is Terre Dalton and I have had a c-pap machine for 11 years. I can never get a mask small enough for my face but have managed to use it where it does not leak that much if I lie on my back to sleep. Last year I put an app on my phone called SnoreLab which records everything that is happening even with audio while you sleep regarding your snoring, interruptions like not breathing and more. I was shocked at the results and have not missed a day since without using my c-pap. I had 2 TIA strokes in 2015 due to A-Fib and luckily had no permanent damage so anything to make me healthier I do. One thing I have a problem with still is I never feel rested or better after using the c-pap as so many people say “You will feel so much better”. I am tired and exhausted all the time. My doctors say my heart is fine except for the A-Fib sleep apnea may have caused the A-Fib for which I take meds and my thyroid is also slow for which I also take meds. I also have terrible insomnia sleeping only about 4 to 6 hours a night. I can fall asleep immediately but I am awake every 2 hours and cannot get back to sleep for at least 3 hours in between. I have Ambien but have never taken it because I have been known to sleep walk. So I do not want to sleep drive. Every once in awhile I will sleep 8 hours (maybe 2 times a year) and I feel great but only then. Any suggestions? Anyone else doing this also? I am posting this pix of my SnoreLab Results with a score if 127 without my C-Pap, this is me for 59 minutes. I highly recommend this free app so you can monitor and listen to yourself snore. This made me wear my c-pap and probably saved my life. I still wish I could sleep more hours and feel more refreshed though.


Hi everyone,
My name is Mike, I have just joined your forum and am very happy to be here, I am 62 years old, and first had a sleep study done at the insistence of my then partner for my snoring at the age of 50.

I was not told at that time I had sleep apnea, just that my snoring was very bad, and due to the study’s results was recommended to have a cpap machine, yet I was advised by the nursing staff that I would not be able to wear the mask correctly due to my constant turning during sleep, so I had to leave the study none the wiser.

at the age of 60 I began to realize that my snoring was getting very bad and was becoming more breathless, I just did not no or understand why all this was happening, so I had my GP send me for an assessment by a specialist,

For my first visit I had managed to get a copy of my previous sleep study and took that with me for them to look at, I was then told for the first time that I had sleep apnea, and recommended to have a cpap machine, with hearing this I explained what had happened 10 years previously, but I was just laughed at in a very patronizing way and told that if I did not have a machine that I could die in my sleep, that was it, I was told take it or leave it, so what choice did I have.

I was not given any new sleep study, only that I was told the cpap machine would read my data which would be assessed every six months, and that I would be tried on a set pressure to see how I went on, in other words I was just going to be their guinea pig,

Two weeks later my machine arrived and was given a brief run down on how to put on the mask, and how to turn the machine on/off, and believe me that was it for 6 months, my world went upside down, I had to learn for my self how to deal with all the problems that go with having apnea.

Believe me there was absolutely no follow up after care, all be it a nurse on the end of a phone who would listen to what I had to say about leakage, pressure problems etc.

This did not really solve anything, 22 months later after doing my own research into sleep apnea, I have managed to get the hospital to agree to put me on apap, and lower the pressure to a level I can manage.

So here I am today after coming across this great site, hoping to learn more and pass on what I have learned, as I do not wish anyone to go through what I have so far.
Many thanks for reading my blog, and I hope to hear from other users here as to there experiences.


Welcome, Mike! Thanks for sharing!