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Looking to see if the problems I am having using my Cpap others are too, and to get possible resolution or suggestions. I started using my Res med 10 Airsense in the summer of 2015. For about awhile I was getting the needed therapy and sleeping well. Then I started getting multiple sinus infections even though I cleaned it religiously. I decided to get the so clean machine hoping that would help to no avail. I also wake up often with dry mouth which I’m thinking might be causing my colds and infections.


Hi…I’m actually returning to the ASAA Forum after a 3 year or more hiatus. My CPAP treatment has given so much to me that I want to give something back in return.

Currently, I use the Phillips Respironics System One Auto CPAP with an unheated hose and my humidifier set on 3. I believe in the middle of the road. I’m 6 years down the 'pike with CPAP. I’m hooked on it for life. My pressure range is 7 to 12 and my ramp is set for 5 minutes starting at 7 cm. I use the Swift FX For Her Nasal Pillows Mask, which I love. It’s pink, you see. I love all things pink. My hose and mask is suspended over my head with a hose buddy. I use a travel hose buddy when I’m away from home. This keeps me from getting all tangled up in my hose-ery, so to speak. I have a snuggle hose on my hose. It’s pink and fuzzy and, well…who doesn’t need a “cuddly” at bedtime? It matches my mask. What could be more perfect?

Ok…bedtime…there are many things involved in my bedtime ritual because I’m dealing with numerous other chronic conditions. First, the nightie. Then I must prep the sleeping area. Hearing aids go in the dry storage box and turned on, CPAP machine gets plugged in and a new supply of distilled water in my humidifier for the night. I hold down my on-button for 3 seconds to get the water warm-up cycle going. I get by with half filled and never run dry. Gotta do the legs and feet - the zipping off of the compression hose and lotioning down the dry skin, the cleansing of my dry eyes, the testing of my blood sugar, the taking of my medications, the Qtipping (gently, of my ears, for wax), teeth and mouth management, long hair up in a high ponytail, a dab of AYR gel in each nostril and the applying of nighttime Systane gel into each of my dry eyes. Are you out of breath yet? Then I turn out the lights and head to bed where my husband is already curled up with his CPAP. Yup…we are “dualies” who seem to do everything in this life together. I climb in bed, slip the mask over my ponytail and into my nose with one swipe, turn slightly to my right to turn on my machine and I lay back awhile thinking about the day and just being thankful for my treatment until I turn over on my side and drift off into sleep land. It’s magic…pure magic.

Sleep is just about the most wonderful thing there is in this life when it’s done well - and CPAP helps me do just that.

Ok…'nuf said for now…I’ll see you on the other side. Zzzzzzzzzz.


Hi, My user name is Karaokegal and I joined this group because I was diagnosed with sleep apnea last January. I have had a hug struggle and am working on my 3rd mask. I have not slept through the night since I started using the CPAP. I know how important it is because my oxygen levels drop into the 70’s, but I am about ready to give up. I hope I will find the support here that I need, to keep going.


Welcome, @karaokegal Don’t give up! Do you have any questions? What is the problem you are experiencing with the latest mask?


I was just diagnosed with sleep apnea and am having a hard time adjusting to using the CPAP machine and wearing the mask every night (Dreamwear nasal mask).

I really hate that I have to look so unattractive every night but am afraid not to use it since my doctor told me that my oxygen level goes down to 75 and I stop breathing approx 19 times per hour!

Any helpful suggestions? Thanks!


Paul you can order one from Amazon at a great price. I got the Dreamwear nasal mask for $61. You can get a CPAP machine for a few hundred dollars. Good luck!


Hello fellow dream-chasers,

I was diagnosed with severe OSA back in 2012. 6 years later, I’m 50 lbs. heavier, and desperately trying to work on improving my health. And for this reason, I am seeking support from a community who might understand what I’m going through.

Current sleep pattern cycles between okay, bad, and worse.

Sleep is like a tinder date. No matter how often you swipe right, it won’t connect.


Hello! My name is Marsha Johnson


What brings you to our community?
I was just diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea today, following a sleep study. I had had problems with excessive daytime sleepiness for years, but because I always slept in my own room, I had no one to tell me I was snoring. In the past few years, due to feeling tired, I started having problems with depression, which ended up getting me put on disability. I am glad now to finally have an answer for these problems of the past few years.

Tell us about your current sleep routine?
It’s all over the place. I will often wake up after a few hours of sleep, feeling nervous and hot, and just all around weird. And it would be impossible to go back to sleep right away. Because of this, the times I go to sleep often shift and I can have multiple sleep periods in a day.

Sleep is very important to me.