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Hi, my name is Marie, I’ve been on CPAP for some time now and having one problem after the other. I’m getting a lot of air in my stomach and waking up bloated and in pain when up. My mask is leaking much of the time and I sometimes wake up with my lower lip out of the full mask making my mouth dry. I sleep as bad with it as without it only the events are down from 53 an hour to 12 or less. That may be more due to being awake so much that I stay off my back, which is when I stop breathing. Also, I get air in my mouth often when still awake and it is coming in thru the nose…no other way. But most of the time it does not start to leak till I go to sleep. My mouth changes as it relaxes into sleep. If I sleep with my teeth in, it is often better, but my lower gum gets very sore due to the pressure on it from the straps being pulled up. I think I have too many things wrong to get any help.


Hi Marie, can you please tell me what pressure setting ( in positive airway pressure (PAP)
was prescribed for you? Thanks!


Hi Autumn. That has to be very frustrating.

A couple things come to mind.

First, some of the side effects of ropinirole include insomnia, agitation and anxiety.

Also, what type of mask are you using? Wonder if there are any leaks?


What type of mask do you have, and what is your pressure?


Peggy H. 70 year old female. I have severe sleep apnea. I have been using therapy for over 4 years.I am negligent about cleaning my machine therefore I get illnesses. I need motivation and education.

Thank you!



My Cpap machine had green mold growing inside plastic window where I cud not clean it. It made me very sick until I discovered it! Doctor ordered new machine. Hoping for more success and less problems!!


I was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea about two or three weeks ago and started CPAP treatment last Tuesday. I am having a very difficult time going to sleep with the mask on. I have a full mask due to my sinus problems. I am getting very little sleep. Any tips or suggestions would be helpful
Right now sleep is almost impossible to get


@jsimms435 Complete relaxation and concentrating on breathing with the machine (and not against it) may be helpful. Imagine the pressure filling the back of your throat, keeping the airway open and not obstructive. Relax. Relax. Relax. Sometimes this exercise coupled with soundscape-type music can be the perfect tonic to lull you to sleep using the machine.