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I'm a Mouth Breather, Now What?


Well, @gregromano - the reason I wouldn’t recommend taping the mouth is that it can be dangerous. Should a person vomit, the mouth would be obscured with the tape. Some people might be too sleepy to be quick enough to remove the tape, and could aspirate or breathe in the matter from the mouth into the lungs.

I do know that people do this (tape up the mouth), but I cannot say it is something safe.

Having worked on many a “Code Blue” team in hospitals, I saw the importance of keeping the mouth free of debris when quick ventilation must take place.


Seems help my breathing thru nose. Gettin. Oxygen. To brain. More. With tight. Chin. Strap. On. Also. Ya run. Same risk. Vomit in. Lungs. Many u tube. Videos by docs. Rev. Mouth. Taping. Desperate for results. G. Wud. Appreciate any opinions on. Mouth. Taping. It does. Lower apneas. On. My chap. Nitely


Perhaps the chin straps are tight, but the lips can still be opened.


Watch doc. Rev. Mouth taping on U Tube. Cud ya. Get cr me reactions. Later type in. Mouth taping


Never tape your mouth!!

Mother T correctly noted that you can still open your mouth with a chin strap. However, I have used them fairly successfuly in my sleep lab. Although they don’t always work.

The other option to consider would be the use of a full face mask.
This is a photo of an Amara View mask.



Thx. Tried. Them all. Use mouth taping as last resort. Less intrusive. Yet. Small chance vomit. Truth is. They made industry otta. Sleep. Equipment. Most. Work. At a. C. Minus level. Lucky to be alive. Done chap. 8 yrs. hate every restrictive minute. But it helps. According. Experts??? G💪🏿


does. Medicare pay for water tank every 6 mo on. Crap machine. ? Med supplier trying. Charge. 30? Never charged in. Past?!



_emphasized text_does. Medicare pay on this schedule? Good. Guide. All. G


please help me. i am new. and i really want to know is mouth breather can lead to dry mouth and headache


When you breathe through your mouth, the air isn’t warmed and moisturized like it is with nasal breathing. This not only causes dry mouth, it encourages bacteria growth, leading to cavities. Nasal breathing not only warms and moisturizes the air, it also acts as a filter, reducing dust and allergens.

Also, when you breathe through your nose, Nitric Oxide is produced in small quantities. This gas actually makes you absorb more oxygen, which is even more important while you’re sleeping. This is because your breathing becomes slower and shallower in your sleep.

So it’s conceivable that shallower breathing and less oxygen absorption could lead to headaches as well.


Yesterday, I finally received in the mail, another size of full-face mask. The one I had before was a large size. I had tried to use it, but very unsuccessfully, as it whitled loud out the sides of my cheeks, losing all kinds of air. I was told to obtain a Medium size. Well, I tried it last night, and it too whistled out the sides, so I tightened it up as much as I could. It was so tight that I was not able to stand the pain in my face. So, after an hour and twenty minutes, I had to take it off.

What should my next step be?


Perhaps either try a nasal mask with chin strap. Or talk to your Dr. about an oral appliance.


I’ve used a chin strap. Even with the mouth firmly shut, a chin strap can
never control the soft palate.

I’ve used a nasal mask, both kinds, and tried it with the chin strap too.
Air escapes into the lower mouth and comes out through the teeth.


Have you talked with your Doctor about Oral Appliance Therapy? Or maybe even some type of surgical procedure?



Thank you very much for your comment/reply.

It’s interesting you should mention a surgical procedure, because my own
brother had a very simple, painless procedure, which he said was “lassix”
(maybe I’ve spelled it wrong), and he said it solved the problem
completely. My brother told me I do not need a CPAP.

I’ll have to look further into this. Very grateful to you for your wisdom.


While waiting for my recent lab study report your comment about your brother having a “lassix” (sp?) treatment got my attention.

“Simple, painless, and completely solved” sound great to me.

Might you please kindly ask him for enough information so I could look it up and find out more about it?

Thank you.



I just had the operation this morning at the Snoring Sleep Center by Dental
Laser in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. They use laser to reduce the size of the
soft palate in the back of the throat. They use a little bit of
anasthesia, and you walk out immediately. Some of the operations only
diminish the size of the soft palate, others cut away (with laser) some of
the soft palate to free up the breathing passage of the throat. I am
feeling fine, and taking ibuprofen every six hours, and an antibiotic once
every 24 hours.

They have a place on line:

Charles Carpenter


Thanks for the update. Hope all is well.


I’m on the tenth day of recovery since the operation. The pain involved in
recovering is quite intense. I doubt I would ever be willing to go through
this again, unless another pain killer is more effective.