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I'm a Mouth Breather, Now What?


competition and distance swimmers are also likely to be mouth breathers




i’m not actually sure how true this is… maybe it is but in the past i used to be a swimmer and i wasn’t a mouth breather. I haven’t swimmed in years now and guess what, i’m a constnat searcher for drug reviews? my point is that sports is always helping with this, though i might be wrong


Okay. I finally got a full face mask. I have tried to use it three times. It keeps me awake at night. After one or two hours trying unsuccessfully to go to sleep, I take the mask off, because I cannot fathom staying awake all night trying to get to sleep. I need to get up in the morning to go to work. I’m in a quandary.


May I ask please, @amavera ? Do you know about desensitization regarding the mask?


Hello. New to the forum here. I’ve read your posts with great interest. I’ve suffered from apnea for many years. I tried the CPAP some years ago once or twice and couldn’t stand it. I recently had surgery to correct nasal entryways and reduce cornets but after 2 months, I’m afraid it hasn’t gotten any better. I’ve always had the cornets inflamed from one side of the nose or the other and I’ve never been able to breathe properly through the nose. I’ve woken up more than exhausted in the last few days and I’m starting to feel desperate. I think my only solution is the CPAP. Someone wrote that his attention and memory is not the same as it was before and I certainly can relate to that. Now, I think my chances are with a full mask, from what I’ve read. If that’s so, which one’s the best? And which machine is currently the best? I’m from Mexico, will soon go to a sleep doctor nearby but I also travel frequently to Los Angeles. Is there a good sleep clinic I could perhaps spend a night there to get a full diagnostic and recommendation? kristof14, I was particularly interested in reading your post, please let us know of your progress. Nintendo1889, I can relate to what’s happening to you. All participants here, many thanks for sharing your experiences. I would really appreciate feedback on this.


I think the right word is turbinates, instead of cornets.


No. I do not know what is desensitization. Should I look it up on the
same website?


I just now looked it up on Google. I now know what you mean. Thanks a lot
for letting me know.


Okay. There’s another problem. When trying to sleep with the full face
mask, when the ramp period is over, more air starts coming in. But then it
starts escaping between the sides of the mask and the cheeks, making a loud
whistling noise. The pressure is set at 6. What am I doing wrong?


Hi @amavera - I’m glad you found a resource on Google search. Desensitization has various levels as well, some more intense than others depending upon the problem.

Regarding your other problem with the ramp ending and escaping air, try just moving the mask a little to see if that will stop your leak. Of course, you wouldn’t want to dramatically tighten your straps which would risk you getting markings on your face from a “too-tight mask,” but a little tweak and repositioning is not going to hurt anything.

Try that and let me know how it goes. May I ask, do you have facial hair?


Plenty of sleep labs in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Here are a few links:

Here is a map with many labs on it:

Greater Los Angeles Area Sleep Labs


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Mother T,

Thank you for your very enlightening replies. No, I do not have facial
hair. The mask is Large size, and I think it actually fits perfectly.
Perhaps you are right about readjusting the mask a little bit on the face.
My throat does not dry up like it used to when I used the partial face mask
(which only covered the nose). So, I think basically I’m on the right
track. If the air continues to escape, could it be that the pressure is
too high? I would tend to think that pressure at 6 (out of 19) is low


You are right, @amavera - 6 is not that high. If adjusting the straps doesn’t fix the leak, I would make the suggestion to try a medium size of the brand of mask (or similar) that you have. You can call the office at ASAA and ask to speak to someone in the CAP program, or email them below. They have factory-sealed masks that are not a great deal of money. Are you familiar with the program?

Here is the contact info:

American Sleep Apnea Association
641 S Street, NW, 3rd Floor
Washington, DC 20001-5196
Telephone & Fax: 888-293-3650


Your mask might be the wrong size. Try this, when laying down awake with your mask on, open your mouth. If your bottom lip pushes on your mask, it might be too small. If your mask is down below your chin, it could be too big.
Also, if opening your mouth itself causes air leaks, you might have the wrong type of mask. You want your mask to be snug but not tight. Air pressure from the mask itself should help seal it in place.

Also, a question. The lowest pressure we go is usually 5. So a pressure of 6 really shouldn’t need a ramp feature. Just wondering if your stated pressure is a misprint?


Good point raised, Kent. Please let us know if it is a misprint “6” , @amavera

I hope you can come to our new webinar series, @amavera . We were just discussing this last night! We had an open mic session and people from all over the US & Canada were taking turns speaking to their peers :slight_smile:

We have them every Wednesday night at 8pm Eastern. If you want more info, you can write to me at:

THANKS for your continued communications here on the forum!

Sleep well…& Be well,


Dear Kentcaylor,

Thank you for the suggestions. I’m sure the mask is not too small. It may
be too large, but certainly it does not go down below the chin.

Regarding pressure, I started out in July, 2017, with a pressure at 13 (out
of a maximum of 19). At that time I was using a nasal mask, and my throat
would dry up every time the ramp period was over. So, I changed to a small
mask with only two outlets (one for each nostril), which was suggested to
me by some good friends who use that type of mask and say it’s the best way
to go. This also caused my throat to dry up. So, it was suggested by one
of the experts on line that I use a full face mask. I got a full face mask
about three weeks ago, and took the CPAP machine in to get the pressure
level brought down to 6. I’ve tried to use it with this pressure level.
My throat no longer dries up, but as soon as the ramp period ends, the air
starts coming out from between the sides of the mask and the cheeks, making
a loud whistling noise while lots of air is escaping. I have tried to
readjust the mask on my face in order to stop this leakage, but without any
good results. Also, I have tried tightening the mask bands to keep the air
inside. If I press the mask against my face, the air stays in. But, if I
tighten the bands, this does not stop the leakage.

I’m almost wondering if I should go back to trying to use the nose only
masks? Some people tell me I need to educate myself to keep my mouth shut
when I’m asleep. To do this appears to me to increase psychological

Thank you for any suggestions you may have.


Need to know if mouth taping works. W change n. Strap. I am. A mouth breather. Use. Crap machine too. Is taping. Safe. Any doc. S. Out there or. Medical people??? Greg💪🏿