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How To Clean Your Oral Sleep Apnea Appliance


Oral sleep apnea appliances represent a significant investment and are generally designed to last three to five years. However, cleaning them improperly can drastically reduce their longevity. Oral appliances are manufactured using a wide variety of materials. Your cleaning regimen needs to be appropriate to your individual appliance. The first place to consult is your owner’s manual, if you were given one. There is usually a section on home care. Unfortunately, your healthcare provider might or might not give you the right answer. You can also call the manufacturer directly for accurate advice. Generally, it is very important to let the appliance dry out completely between uses to kill odors. ( a very few devices need to be stored in liquid, however.) Generally, denture cleaners are too harsh for oral appliances. Recently, a new universal oral appliance cleaner called Prodentclean has come on the market. It is recommended by Airway Management, a very reliable and reputable oral appliance manufacturer. It was invented by Dr. Todd Morgan, a well-respected dental sleep medicine dentist. The webb site is: Arthur B. Luisi, Jr.,D.M.D.


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