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Help! Super High pressure and can not find a mask that does not leak


Hello, I am back with another question. I have been on CPAP since 1994 and am a mouth breather. I sleep on all sides with movement all during the night due to sleep terrors and such. I recently had a new sleep study done within the last 3-4 months and my pressure went from a 16 to a 28! Mind you the last sleep study prior to this was with the VA about 8 years ago which had me at a 16 but I have had a LARGE weight gain since that time after several neck, back and shoulder surgeries… The VA has been reading my card every 3-4 years claims all is good. Every mask I have tried leaks at this high a pressure even though in the specs it says up to a pressure of 30 for most masks. Several folks on here said I should get another study because they believe a mistake was made but lo and behold I had another study done 2 weeks ago and it is at 28. I have tried the following full face masks with no success: F&P FlexiFit 431. Mirage Quattro, Amara View, AirFit F20 with silicone and the memory foam insert and the Ultra Mirage. I am thinking of trying a total face mask hoping to prevent the leaks. Can someone tell me the difference in these 2 total face masks? FitLife Total Face CPAP Mask and just the Total Face Mask both by Respironics? Any help would be helpful.


FitLife Total Face Mask

image Total Face Mask


@dfellows5 If you do an Internet search, there are public product reviews that might help you make a decision. Remember, each face is unique, so what works for one person, might not work for the next person.


I also have high pressure on my CPAP and have leaking problems with masks. I just switched to the AirTouch F20. It has memory foam and so far I have found that it has less leaking. It looks as though you didn’t have luck with that one. Are you sure that they have properly sized your mask. The first several years after I was diagnosed they kept me on a size large mask because I was never properly fitted…but when properly sized I should have been using a small. I had asked about the full face masks but they told me that they were not recommended for someone with high pressure. I wish you luck as I know how frustrating it is.


Go w f 20. Mask. Try mouth taping. Reduces. Apneas. Even if power goes out u will breath thru. Nose. Take mask off take tape off or put little slit mouth taping. Breathing thru nose is healthier. Than mouth breathing. Gasping. Etc. And those. Chin straps. Suck. G🙏




I have been on CPAP therapy for two years. Tried many, many masks and they all leak at high pressure. I recently purchased two sided fashion tape at Walgreens. I place it over the bridge of my nose and around the corners of my mouth…the places that often leak…and it is working. The adhesive does not damage the silicone mask seal and form fits to my skin and mask. I have also ordered skin adhesive by Jobst which can be applied in liquid form. I’ll see which one works the best.


End-user ingenuity is a sight to behold! Hats off! @SleepyMan55


I just tried that full face mask, total face mask, and it leaked My pressure is at 23.5 on a air curve ASV machine. So it’s back to the F-20. My pressure is 23.4 and I am a very restless sleeper.


If u breath in rhythm with machine make it part of u. Less leaks. G​:pray::pray::flashlight:


There is NO difference in any of the masks, and a Total full face mask will leak just the same, so save your money.

Despite you having more sleep study’s done its not really helping you now is it, maybe you need to step back and look if its you that is causing the leaks, and getting discomfort with your masks, it could be your tightening the straps to much to try and stop the leakage?

I mean, your weight is not going to help none either, as you maybe snoring more now, and this highers your apnea levels, like you I am a mouth breather and have a good bit of weight on me, and DID at one time rock and roll around the bed at night, (You do not say how old you are, as this can make a difference, because as you get older and gain the weight this increases your apneas as well,I’m 62 and have been on machine some 2 years) you may also have jaw drop which is common with mouth breathers, this will cause leaks as well, so do NOT use a chin strap they do NOT help any at all but cause more problems, also check out your ramp feature as well it may well be you do not need it, as I have found out recently.

I think you need to get your pressure setting sorted here, as it seems to me if your not getting control of your apneas then its to high, as you may know once your pressure is set (if done correctly) your apneas will more or less instantly lower to around 5/6 so go back to the specialist and get your pressure setting sorted, you should see a vast improvement, to high a pressure setting affects your mask leakage.

Its all down to trial and error at the end of the day, yes it can be frustrating, and lead you up many wrong paths as you try and sort things out, I can only recommend The ResMed Mirage Quattro™ Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear, I have tied them all, and this one seems the best, okay it does leak just like they all do, yet you will have more control, and once you pressure and ramp feature is sorted it should be okay.
(I think you have tried this one, yet despite having good headgear it also allows you to adjust at the forehead for easy fitting, so try it again.)

Sleep posture is very important to those of us with weight problems, you could try what I call a body pillow, also know as a comfort pillow, or nursing pillow, you can Aline this to suit your sleep position, which should be on your left hand side, it also helps if postioned correctly to have your mask so that it does NOT move around your face at night, as this also is a problem you might want to look at.

Anyway that’s all can help you with for now, hope you get sorted soon.