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Having Issues With Insurance Approving A Sleep Study


I have started using a cpap machine again after a 10+ years time frame. I’m surprised at how much quieter my machine is compared to the one I used in 2006. The drawback is that I’m still not seeing any change for the better. I also have RLS and possible narcolepsy. The doctor bumped up the compression with no noticeable improvement either. Since the cpap isn’t helping the ENT wanted to do a sleep study. However, the insurance company is denying the sleep study. If my benefit says I can have a in doctor sleep lab study then why are they denying the sleep study. I am still finding it difficult to drive to/from work because I fall asleep while driving. Im having too many near misses. I have found that munching on food while driving keeps me alert. But for obvious reasons I don’t want to continue to use that as my means to stay alert. Any suggestions? I’m close to chucking the cpap machine if the insurance company is denying the sleep study.


You are supposed to be using the cpap all along if you were diagnosed with sleep apnea. I think it’s the fact that it’s been 10 years and your type of insurance that they are not doing anything.