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Good Morning America: Treatment Alternatives to Give Relief to Sleep Apnea Sufferers


See Video Here
Good Morning America did an awesome piece describing Oral Appliance Therapy CPAP and even the positional sleep apnea tools. This was well done and Abby Boudreau also had a personal story to tell…Please watch if any questions please comment below
Sweet Dreams,


I like the video, thanks for sharing it!
The bottom line message is TREAT YOUR APNEA there are options!


I saw this - great segment!


There is nothing better than an informed patient I always say!


I saw this segment on GMA. I’m wondering what drugs they are working on? and how those would work and what side effects they would have?


I am hoping that whatever those drugs may be that they are indeed of benefit to the patients and not just some kind of “treatment” with a slew of side effects to make a person scared to breathe LOL


CPAP is the best. Nothing but air! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: