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Feedback on the SleepHealth ResearchKit App


Thanks for this input.


Thanks for the update. It would be helpful if the app would display a notice that the 7 day activity was complete. I assume there will be some notification after three months to resume for another seven days? it was not clear to me in the app that you were collecting only seven days worth of data.


Great feedback. The app should be prompting you to do another 7 days of monitoring at the 3-month time point. Please do let us know about your experience. We very much appreciate the feedback!!


I am on disability and I have severesleep apnea. I have no No pap machine. I can’t afford another Mandatory sleep study as demanded by Medicare so I cam get another one. Is there any opportunity to get a used one with clean mask four people in a hardship like myself? I have not use the machine now and about a year-and-a-half two years and I have sleep apnea depression bipolar chronic back pain chronic neck pain chronic everything and I never sleep and I’m very irritable and I’m losing my mind


Hi Red,
Yes, absolutely. Here is the link to the ASAA CAP program:


I have a few suggestions to improve the app for those of us who have unique challenges.
I’m totally blind which makes me unable to complete the alertness checker. I’d like to be ableto provide the study with a full set of data. One possible option is something I saw in a mindfulness app. Every time the phone vibrates, you touch the screen. It would be a good option for those who would prefer the tactile prompt.
On a different note, it might also be useful to add a question about the current pain level to the check ins, average overall during the day and night.


Hi Nickie,
This is great feedback, thank you very much. In our next iterations we will definitely try to incorporate these changes!


Others have touched on some of these.

  1. Should be able to pull in actual sleep data from Sleep++ or Resmed.
  2. On the sleep checker - needs an option where the input format lets you enter numbers versus/in addition to scrolling.
  3. This may have been by design, but it’s behoove the research to collect voluntary info on other diagnosed conditions and/or prescribed medications that may influence sleep/alertness.
  4. Curious survey asks about diagnosed sleep apnea but no follow-up on AHI or other metric to determine degree of severity…or how long ago. None of which can be provided to the HealthKit for collection like weight and blood pressure. Or for that matter they should collect info on what machines are being used for integration/partner development.
  5. No questions about sleeping environment such as temperature - I haven’t fully explored the app but haven’t seen anything yet. Would be interesting if it pulled in data from Nest/Eve thermostat.
  6. Not sure what dietary data they may be pulling in from HealthKit but, for example, while I am fairly rigorous about using MyFitnessPal I rarely track coffee consumption. In my experience most dietary apps also poorly collect data on first meal and last meal.


thank you for such great feedback!


@Red Hi there, I came upon your note here and wanted to check up. Did you get yourself a machine ok since you posted this? Let me know if I can help you in any way!!

Be well…Theresa


So much different situations that I can’t relate but I am learning from them.


I was just (finally!) diagnosed, and just discovered this site and forum. I am very interested in the app, but I am an android user. I read that there are plans for an Android version once funding is available. I am curious if there is any update on that possibility?

Thank you