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Feedback on the SleepHealth ResearchKit App



I have had a lot of problems with trying to edit my journal entries after I type them but before I submit them. I type several sentences on my phone, then proofread it and notice a typo. But when I try to press the correct place in the paragraph, my cursor doesn’t move there, and instead remains at the end of what I have typed. I can’t figure out how to easily edit what I wrote other than deleting backward from the end until it to the typo, and then re-typing everything from there! This has definitely made my entries more confusing than they would be if I was able to add or change things easily before my final submission.

Another big issue I’m having is when I go to bed after midnight. It seems like the app has sort of advanced to the next calendar day already, so it is confusing when trying to figure out whether I can still enter the information about the day I’ve just had and the pre-bedtime ritual I’m about to engage in (“Personal sleep concierge”). So far I have ended up just skipping entering this bedtime information two times in the last week, because I couldn’t figure it out easily within a few seconds.

Do I just do the alertness tracker randomly whenever I happen to think of it throughout the day, or am I supposed to be prompted at certain intervals?

I hope this feedback is helpful!


The green dot was not responding yesterday, but seemed OK today. Not sure anyone else had problems with it. A few times I had to tap it up to three times!

Also…I actually get almost hypnotized, even sleepy by watching that screen and have to turn my phone away from me at an angle.


I do a lot of exercise that I cannot have my phone with me (e.g., sports), so my steps aren’t recorded during these periods of activity. Several of the days that look lethargic according to my “steps” were actually extremely intense physically. It might be helpful if I could manually answer questions or enter info about my daily exercise. I have found intense exercise noticeably increases the number of hours that I need to sleep in order to feel refreshed.


This is great feedback, thank you. We attempted to use only pre-existing, validated questions. However, even items with good previous development may have problems! We will take a closer look at this to improve in future iterations. Thank you again for participating in our study, and for taking the time to provide feedback!


We wanted the app to use objective data for activity (steps) whenever possible, but we agree that the use of the wearables needs to be supplemented by the ability to provide self-reported exercise data. We will put this on our list of features to include on next version. Thank you for your participation and feedback!


It would be helpful if we had the ability to edit what we write in the journal without erasing the whole thing. As it is, I’m not aware of a way to move the cursor back. And since autocorrect doesn’t work, I make a lot of typos.

It would also be helpful if the evening activities were available further into the next day. Sometimes I work night shifts and my “evening” is at 6 am.


This is being fixed now and should be pushed in a new version soon.


I have seasonal allergies also and I know they affect my fatigue level. I usually say something about it in the journal, but it would be nice to have something on the checklist.

Also I agree with the comment made by someone else about eating late or eating a heavy meal at night impacting sleep. It would be good to track that somehow.


I sometimes have to tap the green dot two or three times, but I always assumed it was the way I was tapping and not a bug in the app. If my thumb slides a little bit when I tap, it it’s more likely that I have to tap it again to make the dot disappear.

On another note I think tapping for three minutes evens out any anomalies in tapping speed. If the test were shorter anomalies would have a greater impact on the average tapping time.


I just tried to use the SleepHealth blog from within the app. I was unable to add a comment. It asked for my Google ID which I entered but it didn’t work. I did not use my Google email/ID when I entered my profile for the app. I used a different email address.
I had a question about something I read in the introduction to the blog. It said: "The most important part of this study is completing your surveys and doing the 7-Day SleepHealth Activities every 3 months. What does it mean “seven-day sleep health activities every three months”? I thought this was a daily activity. I have been making entries every day since I started this some time ago.

I understand you are working with Apple to improve the software for this study. I look forward to the day that is released. I know it may take quite a while for that to happen and I’m willing to be patient in the meantime.


Please add “turn on Do Not Disturb” to your Sleep Concierge list.
Also, add a place to record whether we woke up with or without an alarm.


You are so right about not being able to erase. Can’t cut, copy or paste any text when typing in your journal info. The developers need to fix this and quick. Such a pain when you make a mistake.


Completely agree and this will be fixed in latest update which should be next week.


I have been using the SleepHealth app daily. Yesterday I looked at the dashboard and saw that several days earlier it showed 24 hours of sleep. I actually had more like five hours of sleep that day. There is no way I can correct it. I probably selected a.m. or p.m. or kind of error like that when I entered my sleep time. It is extremely frustrating to me that I have no way to correct that. My journal for that day shows that I did not get much sleep. Please include a way to correct errors from previous days.


I wish I could manually add the times for nap tracker. I forget to start it and also forgot to stop it once.
Otherwise, trying to do it daily.


Is this study still active? More frequent feedback and information from the research team would inspire more confidence in the study itself. I’m beginning to have doubts.


Still doing it…getting old though! Started skipping a few days!

Is there an official period to do this? Can I stop and not feel quilty?


I have decided to stop for now. I would like more information about what is currently going on with this study. I’m willing to start again if there is a new software release or some other signs of life from the research folks.


Hi, The study is definitely still active and a new release was just issued. We are also working on some exciting partnerships to implement much of everyone’s feedback and improve the app along with bringing the study to others on the Webs and Android. We continue to get tremendous downloads and participation. We are starting to review preliminary data and have some results to share in Sleeptember. Please stay in touch and we will commit to do the same.


Hi, once you have completed your surveys we only really need data from the 7 Day Activity every three months. You will get a special notification to complete one survey then and keep the sleep/wake diary for another 7 days. If you chose not to use your app as a wellness tool in between these periods you can set your notifications to off so you don’t get daily reminders. Thanks for sticking with it. We have many new improvements and incentives and raffles coming in the near future for people who complete their surveys.