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Feedback on the SleepHealth ResearchKit App


Completely agree on the inability to change text. It’s a limitation of the current ResearchKit platform. We are just as frustrated as you. :grimacing:



Unfortunately, we can only pull data after you have consented to participate in research. This protects your data. However, we do have plans to provide you with additional data that we are starting to gather in the study app right on your own dashboard. Let us know what other things you would like to see on dashboard?


Completely agree on all fronts.

We are looking for data capture from devices and wearables that feed into the Health app. The others are frustrating limitations of the ResearchKit app that we are not happy with either. We will be working with our developer and Apple to address in the future.

Thanks for the great feedback, couldn’t agree more.


Totally agree. Limitation of the RK platform, which we don’t like either. On the list.

Thanks for the great feedback.



Great suggestions. Many which we know about or are current limitations of the RK platform.

Regarding the Alertness Checker. We could only go as low as 3 minutes because that is what is validated in the scientific literature. It actually is measuring your attention, which is correlated to sleepiness. The original test was 10 minutes long. It’s also not supposed to be interesting or stimulating because we don’t want it alerting you, therefore getting an objective measure of your impairment from sleepiness.

Thanks for the great detailed feedback. Very much appreciated.


Time to sleep, times weakening, amount of time awake, time awakening. Are you collecting data from the watch? If so that data.


Late-Night Exercise

I’m not sure about other people, but on many occasions I exercise later at night (and eat dinner late as well). Both of these late-night activities impact sleep as far as I know.

Having the app ask about when we exercised, what we did (squash or tennis in my case), and for how long would be beneficial statistically. As well, did we eat or drink late (coffee and/or alcohol).


Allergies & Weather

I’m wondering if asking the participants about their allergies and the weather around them would be beneficial.

I know my quality of sleep is lessened when my allergies are bothering me.


Eating Late

If I recall correctly (from my 3 sleep tests), the technician said that eating anything past 6pm impacts your sleep. Of course, most working people are just getting home at 6pm, let alone if family is over, or we are entertaining.

Would it be beneficial to add when we ate/drank last (and perhaps what we ate/drank if it matters to the study)?


Good thought. We will look into that. We do want to promote sleep, diet and exercise the foundation of well-being. The research shows that some people are effected by late exercise while others are not. The advice in this area has changed a little in the last couple years. What we do know is that regular exercise does promote deeper and more efficient sleep.


Landscape mode needed. Will help with corrections also.


Not sure if this has been brought up, but many of my days I can not complete all the steps because the app keeps crashing after doing the alternes step. Do it once fine, second time ok, but not a third .


Agreed. Current limitations of RK kit. The question is whether Apple is going to be working on expanding RK platform or leaving to other developers to improve it. We didn’t have the funds to program beyond what the current platform provides and had to scrap many plans that we had to give it more functionality. The Research platform is groundbreaking, but patients and others like us want more to keep them involved over time.


Thanks for bringing this up. I’ve reported it to our developer to make sure it’s on the bug list and being addressed. Crashing it should not be doing. :yum:


Please also improve the nap tracker. It is confusing to use. On another topic, I understand why you need three minutes of boring tapping to check alertness.


Your questions that require a quantitative answer are potentialy limited in appropriate responses and or worded in a way that makes it difficult to answer correctly. Ex, if you are someone who got no sleep at all or has a large variance in their sleep patterns. Adding an “I did not sleep last night” or “Is very inconsistent” option, where appropriate, would help in keeping your data meaningful and accurate. While also helping people who want to answer your questions truthfully.


Dear team,
Great work! I would love to contribute and benefit by using the app. However the app does seam to be US App Store only right?
Based in the Netherlands,
Warm regards,


I would like to be able to record a nap after a took it.

It looks like the way to record a nap with the current version is to start before and stop after.


you can manually add in your nap after the fact. In the upper right hand corner is a plus sign +
click on that to add in start stop and time and any other notes.


Thank you. We plan on going international in upcoming iterations. Thank you for the support.