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Do you know about Dawn Phenomenon?


Diabetics who wake up in the pre-dawn hours (between 3 and 6am) can sometimes find that upon rising, their fasting glucose levels have also gone up, even if they went to bed with normal values.

This is a product of the circadian system, because during this time of night, all people undergo some key hormone fluctuations to prepare them to wake up. (Just as our bodies make chemical transitions between wakefulness and sleep at night, they also do the opposite in the morning… and the process is gradual.)
For diabetics, the mismatch between glucose and insulin is more pronounced because the pancreas doesn’t function in the same way as someone without diabetes.

Some people with diabetes don’t have an extreme experience this phenomenon, but others do. What’s your experience? What did you do about it? And what would you say to someone who also has problems with morning fasting glucose management?

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