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CPAP not allowed In homeless shelter


I am currently residing at a homeless shelter in downtown Dallas and I have been approved to receive a free Cpap machine from parkland hospital. However, the shelter says that I am not allowed to use my machine in the shelter because it is a “safety issue”. I have a reserved bed away from general population and a designated electrical outlet for my personal use. Is there any one that can give me any advice on this?

Thank you.


Is there a way you can get Parkland or your doctor to intervene? This is ridiculous, and very risky behaviour on their part.

I would tell them it certainly is a safety issue. YOUR safety. Make sure they know you need the machine in order to breathe at night.

Ask them to please write down their safety concern on paper so you can work with your doctor and your social worker at the hospital to address it. Chances are, they won’t want to put it in writing. If they see you’re going to be persistent and self advocate, maybe they won’t have such a dumb knee-jerk reaction to your CPAP.