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Cpap machine improvement while travelling


I live in California, just a bit north of the Bay Area. I’ve been using a cpap for just over 90 days. I have been having a hard time adjusting to it. I was told I have to wear it at least 4 hours a night; I wake up probably two to three times before those 4 hours are up and I can take the mask off. I’ve lowered the tempurature and humidity, which have made it better, but I still have a hard time sleeping with the mask. I recently went to Utah to visit family, and while I was there, I slept with the mask almost all night with no problems. I only woke up a couple of nights to use the bathroom. And I was sleeping on an air mattress and still slept 7.5 hours straight without taking off my mask! As soon as I returned to California, I started struggling with the mask again. Has anyone else had this happen? Everything I’ve read about higher altitudes says your sleep gets worse, but that was the best sleep I’ve gotten in a long time…


Very interesting situation, and so frustrating for you, too! Was the humidity level different in Utah than in California? If the air is drier in Utah, perhaps your humidifier could be turned down even more or not used at all. Were you more physically tired when you went to bed when you were in Utah? My experience has been my mask irritates me more when I can’t sleep and toss and turn, but doesn’t bother me when I’m more tired and fall asleep faster and more soundly. Was the room temperature colder in Utah than at home in California? It may not be the mask itself but the environmental conditions that are effecting your sleep, and if you don’t sleep soundly the mask is the first thing you notice! But doesn’t it feel good when you can sleep well with the mask? I’m hoping you find a solution soon.