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Central Apnea Question


My name on email is yasmin


Certainly, yes please do write your email address and name here, and I will let them know. :slight_smile:


Name: yasmin
Email :


Dear MotherT how r u ,hope u doing great,i just want to remind u ask them i didt get any email till now


Good Afternoon, Dear Mina @minaye ,

Indeed I have notified the lab and they stated someone would get in contact with you as soon as possible. There is much work that is done in sleep labs in the daytime as well-- busy offices :clipboard:

Have a great day and please do let us all know when your plans are made!!

Theresa (MotherT)


Dear Mina,

I have good news for you. I spoke to a fellow sleep medicine colleague at George Washington Center for Sleep Disorders in Washington, D.C… I have put you together in an email with him, so please let me know by return email that you definitely received it today. There is also information about your initial appointment with a physician for a sleep study order in that very email.

I am very happy that you will be seen by some of the most diverse medical services in the country, as GW Center for Sleep Disorders sees many patients from other lands and even has a foreign language program in place, priding itself in diversity!

I wish you the very best of luck with your diagnosis. Please let me know when you are coming to the United States.

Be well….sleep well,
Theresa (MotherT)


Hi minaye - for what it’s worth, I have been diagnosed with complex central sleep apnea along with RBD (Rem Sleep Behavior Disorder. I was first diagnosed after acting out my dreams. I did not experience any breathing problems or other indications that I had central sleep apnea other than that. I can’t give you any suggestions as I’m currently being further diagnosed here in Tucson, Arizona. If I do learn anything that helps, I’ll contact you. Paul