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Central Apnea Question


Hello, I am new here and not good at forums, and/or computers.
I have had apnea for years, and have had a c-pap, and now a bi-pap.
I think I have episodes of central apnea, and the doctors say I have panic attacks.
I disagree, of course.

I am 80, and a bit overweight. I am energetic, and exercise twice a week. I use my bi-pap every night, and really sleep well, luckily.

I would like to know how the central apnea reacts to any of you.
I wake startled, jumping out of bed, and my toes, and legs begin to tremble and tingle. It makes me very nervous, and I try to slow down breathing, trying to get calm.
I have felt for years that it is due to adrenalin re-action, when I quit breathing.
I have had episodes of this in the past that are a lot stronger than that ! As a matter of fact they were horrible !

I am glad to find this forum ! And thank you !

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A few questions come to mind. When was the last time you saw your doctor about your bi-pap device? Depending on which one you have it’s internal chip can provide valuable data on how well it is doing its job. Depending on how
severe your central apnea you may need an AVS machine. Look here for the difference between BiPap and AVS. AVS is another step up in PAP therapy.

My understanding of the bodies response to suffocation (no breathing due to obstruction or forgetting to breath) is that there is a flight or flight response and your logic seems sound. You get a rush of chemicals to wake you up.

I do not have central apnea so others should comment on your specific question. I will mention that sometimes the high pressure of the Bi-Pap can cause treatment-emergent central sleep apnea (CSA). This is not likely related the problem you are trying to solve.


Thanks, Will, I haven’t had a study for about 6 years. I do feel my air pressure is correct.
I am going to change insurance providers this fall, so, maybe after the change I can have a new study.

I have had these episodes for over ten years, but they are getting milder.
I just wondered how the central apnea reacts to others.

Thanks for your answers !


Hello i think i have central sleeping apena but i cant be sure since we dont have sleeping study in my country how could i know?


@minaye What country? I might be able to find you a facility.


Thanks so much ,for ur replay ,i live in Ethiopia addis


@minaye - The closest one to you is in Polokwane in Limpopo Province. Is it possible for you to travel there?


I am not sure,i will check


I wanna ask u one more question what is a sound of central sleep apena look like is there example by video or sound?


I have no sound to share, but I have examples of measurements during a sleep study. Central sleep apnea is not caused by an obstruction of the upper airway. Would you like to read about it?


Yes pls what i want to ask u is like the person who have central sleep apena awake with shortness of breath or or normal,like o awake two or three timess for pee but i didn’t notice any shortness of breath


Central Sleep Apnea article

Here are graphics demonstrating the monitoring of central sleep apnea vs obstructive sleep apnea. After the first paragraph, click on the box that says “Enlarge image” for the samples of airflow plus thoracic and abdominal effort channel measurements. Notice that when central sleep apnea is present, there is no effort in any of the three channels being measured:


Dear MotherT ,i would like to apply for us visa and wanna come to us for sleeping study and for all treatment i have brother who lives in Virginia is there some sdb hospital that u recommend me ,so that I will contact them!


@minaye - Great! I can tell you, no problem. First, please tell me the city your brother lives in so I get you one close to him.

Have a great weekend,
Theresa (motherT)


Hello my dear how r u, my brother live in Alexandria Virginia


@minaye I am fine, thank you! This sleep laboratory is in the area:


The George Washington Center for Sleep Disorders
2021 K Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037

The Center is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).

If you would like to see their Website, the link is:

Wishing you the best of luck in your diagnosis!

Theresa (MotherT)


Thanks so much ,i will try to contact them and will let u know till then have a good one!


Dear MotherT i emailed to the hospital but its been two days and didt get any replay do u think they will replay to me ?


I know they will if nothing went wrong with the transmission (certainly can happen with email!)

I will phone the sleep lab and ask them to look for the Minaye email, and if they do not have it I will let you know.

Theresa (MotherT)


Can i write my email address here ?