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A Revelation


Went to see my primary doctor yesterday for a check-up and talk about the lab work I had done last week. While there, I mentioned I’d had a sleep study that showed I have sleep apnea, and subsequently started using a CPAP machine a month ago. I expressed concerns I’ve also shared in here. As the conversation continued, I discovered he is also a CPAP user, and shared insights as well as encouragement as I continue moving toward better sleep on a more consistent basis.

Talk about leveling the doctor-patient field! The conversation was positive in all the ways it could have been. I left the office with a new shot of determination to give this treatment everything I’ve got. I have so much to lose if I don’t, and everything to gain if I do, but I already knew that. It helps to put things into perspective again when treatment appears to not be going well.


Lucky you…your primary knows exactly what you are dealing with! Mine is knowledgeable and sympathetic, but having actual experience is a plus!


I am new, so I don’t know how to initiate a post (not obvious on the site). I didn’t get much sleep my first 50 years, by 57 I was taking about 7-8 pills a day for blood pressure, had been on CPAP for about 10-12 years, and could see the end coming. I stumbled across the Finnish salt study and reduced my salt intake from about 5-6 grams per day to about 1 per day, by cooking from scratch without salt and eating almost no “prepared” food. My blood pressure started dropping immediately; in two weeks much to my surprise, my chronic apnea went away. I dropped from about 190 lbs to 170, and at the end of the month went back to the doctor on NO meds and scored blood pressure of 130/90. Six years on, no apnea, and I take lisopril and chlorothalidone to control my blood pressure. The experience has been life changing.