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A.D.A. Legal questions


We recently purchased a camper and take my CPAP along. It is our plan to attend AKC (American Kennel Club) events (dog shows) that allows us to camp on the premises. Our next dog show we plan to attend states: “there are no generators to be used between 11pm and 6am.” Generators are mostly used daily by dog groomers but we need to run ours nightly for the CPAP. We’ve contacted the legal department of the AKC and they declined to get involved. Does anyone have experience with someone imposing limitation that inhibit the use of their CPAP? And what was the outcome? Suggestions are welcomed. Thank you.


Hello LCMaus,
There are several battery-operated travel CPAPs available on the market today. Using one of those would mean there wouldn’t be the need for using your generator between the quiet hours. The units are small and quite efficient. Depending on the brand of your current CPAP unit, that manufacturer may have one to offer. Please keep us posted on your situation, and best wishes for the AKC shows. What breed to you show?